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Reviews of the Book

Reviews of the Book


5.0 out of 5 stars  Extraordinary piece of investigation, 3 Sep 2010

By Edward White

This review is from: Witnessing the Impossible (Hardcover)

One of the most difficult tasks facing any journalist, is to deliver the truth. Those who write for a living will tell you, the line between fact and fiction is often blurred. Robin Foy's latest book, "Witnesssing the impossible" adds a whole new meaning to the notion of truth. A truth, so mind bogglingly explosive, that if even one percent of what this book reveals is true, the enormity of it all is just too difficult to comprehend. Should this aptly named title turn out to be little more than the meanderings of some deluded fantasist, it will certainly be regarded as one of the most remarkable pieces of literary fraud ever conceived. There is meticulous attention to detail. Dates and names are painstakingly documented throughout. Much of the information is easily corroborated not to mention highly credible witnesses from the scientific world and beyond. This book doesn't just present the case for the Afterlife, it goes much further than that. Physical, material evidence apparently exists to add weight to over 1,000 hours of investigation. Independent investigators and observers have struggled to replicate many of the experiments and so far the media have remained uncharacteristically dumb. Hard-nosed observers who subscribe to the "Oblivion Theory" that once you're dead, you're dead, that's the end of you, are equally reluctant to come forward. Witnesssing the impossible is a remarkable piece of work that simply cannot be ignored.


5.0 out of 5 stars THE ULTIMATE ON THE AFTERLIFE, 2 Jun 2010

By Robert Egby "Author of The Quest of the Radical Spiritualist... (Chaumont, upstate New York.)

This review is from: Witnessing the Impossible (Hardcover)

I have long been a student and reporter of phenomena surrounding the Scole circles and experiments conducted between 1992 and 1998 at Scole, Norfolk, UK and there have been many writings, but none so dedicated, detailed and clear as Robin Foy's incredible masterpiece "Witnessing the Impossible." It reports on each of the sessions, who was there, sometimes top-line researchers and observers, who were the spirits who came through from the "Other Side" and it lists the 180 occasions of phenomena that occurred. It baffles the mind how Spirits were able to transmit detailed pictures and messages onto unexposed film, still in its wrapping paper. It shows that we humans have lots to learn from ascended beings. This 560-page opus is a "must read" for students and anyone interested in metaphysics, Spiritualism, and the Afterlife. In an age where many spiritual books are shallow and trite, this stands out as a great source book that should be on every public library shelf as well as in private homes.The book carries powerful messages "We are not alone," and "There is no such thing as Death."