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The Basic Guide

The Basic Guide

At Scole, in the 1990's, the Scole Experimental Group, in co-operation with the team of spirit personalities ('deceased' scientists, guides and spirit helpers) who were working with them - pioneered a new way of developing excellent physical psychic phenomena, using only a mixture of energies instead of the traditional 'ectoplasm'.

This energy-based phenomena had a number of advantages over the traditional ectoplasm-based phenomena:

1)  It was quicker to develop; taking in many cases just months instead of years.

2)  It posed absolutely no danger whatsoever to either medium or sitters; even if anybody did something stupid during an experimental session.

3)  It was not vital for an experimental group to be set up and to start sitting with an established or semi-developed medium present. Phenomena could be produced using just the combined energies of the group members.

4)  Many more different types (some of them brand new) of physical phenomena could be developed with the energy-based method than could be produced in the traditional ectoplasm-based way.

During the 'Scole Experiment', our spirit team literally dictated a 72-page Basic Guide Book, so that other experimental groups and physical mediums could successfully develop physical phenomena using the energy-based method.

This Guide Book contains everything you need to know to set up and run a development circle for physical phenomena. It tells you exactly how to develop the first phenomena and what to expect from your sittings; what types of phenomena to look out for in the early days. A 'must' for anybody wanting to set up and run a successful experimental group.

Used by numerous new physical circles all over the world, this guide book has already helped many of them to successfully develop their own phenomena. It is available now for you to download your own copy


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