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Short History

A Short History

Robin and Sandra Foy are Psychic Researchers who have specialised in investigating Physical Mediumship and Physical Phenomena in depth for 42 years now. Consequently their unique experiences qualify them to be recognised as two of the most knowledgeable people in the world regarding this specialised subject. 

Over the years, they have sat with numerous physical mediums including: Leslie Flint, Gordon Higginson, John Squires, Geoffrey Jacobs, Colin Fry, Stewart Alexander, David Thompson, Mavis King,Paul McElhoney,Scott Milligan, Diana and Alan Bennett plus Tom and Linda Anderson (from the Freedom of Spirit group), Sandy Horsford, S. London Theatre School Circle and the Yellow Cloud Circle of Eternal Illumination, Kai Muegge of the  Felix Experimental Group on a number of occasions; as well as conducting several home circles of their own for the development of physical phenomena; some of these produced very positive results. Whilst they do not class themselves as Spiritualists, or have any connection with Spiritualism as such, they do see themselves as Spiritual Scientists, and approach the important subject of Spiritual Science with a primarily scientific motivation. 

 Robin and Sandra were also co-founders of the ISM Link of Home circles and the New Spiritual Science Foundation. Additionally, Robin was the personal founder of the Noah's Ark Society for Physical Mediumship in 1990.

They moved to Street Farmhouse in Scole, Norfolk (a village in East Anglia on the borders of Norfolk and Suffolk) in 1991. It was there, at the end of 1992 that they recruited five more group members to help them sit for the development of Physical Phenomena. This was the start of what became the Scole Experimental Group, and The Scole Experiment itself has become quite famous following the publication of the book of the same name by Grant and Jane Solomon in 1999. The amazing and unique psychic physical phenomena which the group developed was at its height between November 1993 and November 1998, when the experiment finished.

During that time, through natural wastage, the Scole group's original seven members eventually fell to just four. The reduction of numbers, however, did not seem to adversely affect the phenomena. In fact, if anything - with only the four regular sitters - the quality and quantity of the physical phenomena that occurred further increased quite dramatically! The final four group members were just Diana and Alan Bennett, together with Robin and Sandra Foy. Diana and Alan were the two deep trance mediums, with Robin and Sandra as the observers. Consequently, Diana and Alan (apart from a very few isolated occasions) were in a totally unconscious state throughout the sittings. When we examined the records of the Scole experimental sessions (including the many demonstrations of the phenomena to the public that took place both in the UK and overseas) we discovered that we had in fact  experienced over 1,000 hours of physical psychic phenomena throughout the life of the Scole Experiment. 

The Scole Group were investigated by three senior members of the prestigious SPR (the Society for Psychical Research) over a period of two years; two of them - Professors Arthur Ellison and David Fontana - were scientists. The third, Monty Keen, was an agronomist; parliamentary lobbyist, farmer and lecturer. In 2000, they jointly produced a very thick volume of the SPR Proceedings that is now known as 'The Scole Report'. Since the annals of the SPR are normally quite sceptical, this 450 page report was fairly unique in being predominantly supportive of the legitimacy of the Scole Experiment.

In fact, the Scole Experiment itself has been hailed by many as some of the best evidence ever for the reality of 'Life After Death', and of other dimensions.

Robin P Foy is the author of two books. His first, In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship (Janus 1996), is still available from Janus (and as a paperback today. It is a psychic autobiography of Robin's earlier experiences of physical mediumship to date at that time.

This new book Witnessing the Impossible has taken several years to write and is in stock both in the UK and in Spain where Robin and Sandra now live. It is a very large, heavy book in Hardback format (584 pages). Since Robin and Sandra were the only people in the whole world to witness every session of the Scole Experiment from start to finish, and since many of the reports of Scole and its phenomena have become inaccurate in the telling, as they have been forwarded on several times, Robin felt that it was important to tell the whole story of the Scole Experiment from beginning to end, as a labour of love. 

Consequently this unexpurgated story of Scole in the only Complete and Accurate account from start to finish of every sitting of the Scole Experimental Group. Consequently, it is written in a non-conventional format. After the Author's Foreword, the first three chapters are by way of introduction. The rest of the book is written in a diary format of each sitting. The book is a must; a vital tool for the serious psychic researcher into physical phenomena and the Scole Experiment itself as it is so detailed, but it will also appeal to anybody who really wishes to know the reality of post mortem survival, and of other dimensions too.

Physical Mediumship is totally different from Mental Mediumship. Firstly, it is extremely rare at the moment, with only a handful of physical mediums giving public demonstrations. When physical mediumship is taking place, everybody who is present is able to witness it. It is real. It is indeed PHYSICAL. The 'evidence' of Post Mortem survival, however, which can be obtained through this type of mediumship is truly life-changing.

Physical Mediums are sometimes 'born'. Especially those who work in the more traditional way, where their mediumship is Ectoplasm-based. Not everybody can be a physical medium working in this way. They need to be extremely dedicated, and their personal development as a physical medium can take many years before they achieve any success. Furthermore, each time they sit in a 'seance' they endanger their own lives.
A newer, more modern form of Physical Mediumship and Physical Phenomena was pioneered in the 1990's however, by the dedicated group of psychic researchers in Norfolk UK, known as the Scole Experimental Group (led by Robin and Sandra) who worked in full co-operation with a wonderful team of spirit scientists, guides and helpers. The phenomena that was developed through this group was Energy-based and breathtaking. It did not require a single physical medium as such, although two of the group members remained in deep trance throughout. Every member of the group contributed to the phenomena. There was no danger involved to sitters or mediums by working in this way; it could be developed quicker, and was more versatile. Many more groups have gone on since to achieve spectacular phenomena in a similar energy-based way.